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In the tradition of many pipe bands across the world, and to pass on the craft to future generations, Tunes of Glory Pipes and Drums is proud to offer lessons in bagpipes, snare, flourishing tenor and bass drumming at a nominal fee to all interested and conscientious persons, regardless of age, gender or skill level.

Lessons are available to those that who aspire to become full, productive members of 
the band, and are typically either individual for 30 minutes or in a small group for 45 minutes, depending on the number of students at each particular skill level, and the availability of instructors.

Student lessons are held from 6:15pm to 7:15pm on Wednesday evenings at Warrenville City Hall (show map and directions), prior to the main body of the Band arriving for rehearsal.  Advanced students may be invited to participate in rehearsal with the main band, at the discretion of the student's instructor and the Pipe Major/Drum Sergeant.

Piping students are required to provide, at their own expense, a suitable practice chanter and a tutor book, and in the case of a drumming student, practice pad and sticks/mallets. Please, do not purchase equipment or books until you have consulted your instructor to ensure that you purchase the proper equipment suitable for playing with the rest of the band. Your instructor will give you recommendations and point you to suitable locations to acquire this equipment.

After a time, student pipers will want to invest in a set of bagpipes; there are several manufacturers of pipes available and they are of varying quality. It is strongly advisable to talk to the instructor, the Pipe Major, and other pipers before choosing what is best for you, be it new or used.  Drumming students will have access to drums provided by the Band.

After achieving proficiency with bagpipe rudiments on the practice chanter, the piping student will learn to play the bagpipe itself. The student can spend up to a year or more learning the basics of the bagpipe, including maintenance, tuning, breathing and tunes in the standard band repertoire.

Students must then pass an audition prior to becoming playing members of the band.

After completing the band student instruction program, continuous learning occurs from our band instructors during our regular rehearsals.  Supplemental private instruction is recommended for all members.

Our students are invited to join in the fun and fully participate in Band events as part of our Color Guard on parade. This provides a great way to become involved prior to becoming playing members of the band.

For further information on our instruction program and to register for lessons, please contact us.


Prospective new members and students are always welcome!!!


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